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15 minutes of mixed media

So this week my 15 MINUTES OF MIXED MEDIA challenge resembles a carnival ride. Not what I intended, but bright and colorful all the same.

I struggled this week. My base had no background, which always proves harder when the clock is ticking. I hurried and ended up with a bit muddier collection of colors than I wanted, so I overcompensated with bold stamps and bright colors in my second layer. Definitely a week I needed the embosser.

I did, however, remind myself to add some journaling this week. This is my weak spot. I like to keep the words inside, so writing them on a page of art is tough for me, and something I am working on.

I took a leap of faith on this page. I wanted to TURN the page on this one and I didn't. I let the clock tick and I kept working. I like the happy colors and bold shapes.

Here is my supply list for the week- things that were on the table when I started the timer. *yellow and pink dylusions spray inks *4 paint colors (the little acrylic craft paints) *black and white paint pens *permanent marker *scraps of deli paper *glue stick *scraper *embosser (to dry the layers) *paintbrush *stamp *stamp pad.

Sometimes we find in a challenge that even though it is not what we wanted or expected, we like it. Kind of like going to a carnival and getting on that scary ride. Sometimes it was worth the leap of faith.

Here are some more 15 minutes of mixed media art journal pages--->



Reader Comments (2)

i like your post- the orange and blue, pink and your journaling. i know completely what you mean about actually writing on the journal page. i like to write a message on the canvas painting and paint over the writing. i feel better because i have written whatever it was, and yet, i can paint over parts or all of what i have written. i love your idea of 15 minutes!

January 7, 2014 | Unregistered Commenterkristin

Thanks Kristin - I am glad you are enjoying the 15 minutes of mixed media. It has made my day so many times. I always felt a bit blue when I couldn't create, but just knowing I can grab a few minutes and make something beautiful- well it helps! We just had a challenge in THE DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT (you can read about it on the blog) where we wrote a secret message then painted over all but one key word. That is my favorite way to journal - haha! Have a wonderful week! xo Rae

January 14, 2014 | Registered CommenterRae Missigman

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