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currently: ten things

1. Recycling some bits and pieces. I can't seem to toss anything with color. These little circles of color were left over from a recent Documented Life Challenge and I am loving how modern they look.

2. Addicted to neon. These paint colors are so intense I can hardly believe how in love with them I am . I am still getting used to the heavy body movement, as I much prefer the fluid acrylics, but the colors make it worth it!

3. Hooked on new OLD tool. This little Xyron sticker maker is awesome. It has been sitting in the drawer for several years now. I actually couldn't believe the sticker tape was still good - but it was! I have been converting loads of scraps into colorful stickers for my planner. Love it and so glad I didn't donate it as planned.

4. Working on challenges in the Documented Life Project. The last few most basic calls have been the toughest for me. I work better with layers and having such a basic prompt scared me. Having to keep my book from exploding is making is equally difficult. One dimensional. This is a new concept for me and proving to be a hard one!

5. Mortified at how behind I am on my blog, my chores and my deadlines. I had the kids home the last ten days for Spring Break. Don't get me wrong, I loved every single minute of it, but boy did I fall behind. I just couldn't stand the thought of working while they were here with me. I get so little one on one time with them anymore, and it was a relaxed and enjoyable few days. My work is suffering greatly, but I suppose all the catch up with be worth it, if not stressful. Thank you to all of you who stuck around even when there was nothing to read the last few days - I hope to be better about pre-planning in the future. But really- how do you pre-plan for LIFE?

6. Getting used to wearing a hat. Does it always give you a headache. I am determined NOT to get too much sun this summer. For me, that is difficult. I just walk outside and I am dark. It is the Spanish blood coursing through my veins, but between my age and my health it is a wise decision to limit the rays. Hopefully I will get used to a hat and the headaches won't last. 

7. Filming some fun stuff. Enough said. I can't wait to share! Stay tuned, because I think you will like it!

8. Saying my name out loud. I don't usually hear my name out loud around here. I am more often mom or mama or even big mama to big daddy. I am now even a grammy, but hardly ever a Rae. This past week's challenge in the Documented Life Project had us using our name and it was fun to remember how it came to be mine. It was my grandfather's name. My mom's dad. He passed away two short years after I was born, so I am happy to call it mine.

9. Sitting across the table from a young man. What happened to my little boy? Overnight it seems he has morphed into this giant of a young man. Tall and deep voiced and handsome and kind. He helps me with research and offers kind advice when I chatter on about his four sisters. He is someone I am proud of and I know he is going places. 

10. Proud of this girl. She spent several hours over the Spring Break volunteering at Give Kids the World. She truly enjoyed it and said it was both heart wrenching and rewarding. She will be going back and I am proud of her interaction with such loving, deserving children. I am happy to know that I have instilled at least one good thing in these children. They know the true meaning of charity. They know the importance of dedication and service. They realize that they are privelaged in ways we don't even think about. They have learned that it is good for the heart and the soul to help those that need us. I am proud of that in them.

Reader Comments (3)

You would not be the amazing woman we follow if you did NOT put your family first. It makes who you are, so special. I suspect you are a perfectionist (ask me how I know) but you're right. Life happens and it's important that you embrace it, rather than have it pass you and your family by. I have learned so much from you. Finding my own time in the studio is one of them. If a mom of five can jump in from time to time, so can we. It's all about the balance. Your children will grow to know how important their time with you is. You can't get that back, dear Rae. xxx

April 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterLynn Roberts

I love reading these posts! And now I want to buy those golden paints and I want to make stickers too!!! The name thing is fun....Its really strange for me when my husband calls me Michelle! Too many little nicknames I guess. Thanks for sharing, Rae!

April 3, 2014 | Unregistered Commentermichelle p

Rae... on the hat.... I'd suggest getting one that's not too tight... and maybe one with a rim all around... the tip of your ears are one of the most vulnerable spots.

April 6, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEmie

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